pragmatic industries joins the Eclipse Foundation

Juni 9, 2020 | in Open Source | von pragmatic industries

With its passion for open source as shown by its many years of participation in the Apache Software Foundation, and its enthusiasm for Industrial IoT, pragmatic industries GmbH is a valuable addition to the Eclipse Foundation and our Eclipse IoT community.

Mike Milinkovich – Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation

A small step for the world of data – a big step for pragmatic industries! As experts in the field of industrial IoT we have made it into the Eclipse Foundation. Next to companies such as Bosch, Red Hat, Fraunhofer Institute, Huawei Technologies, German Aerospace Center (DLR) and many more. And we are more than proud to be able to help spread the relevance of this development.

The largest open source organization in Europe

The Eclipse Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation that creates an environment for successful open source projects. It has enabled joint innovations for more than 15 years. Therefore, it includes more than 350 open source projects including runtimes, tools and frameworks for a variety of technology areas such as the Internet of Things, automotive, geospatial data, systems engineering and many others. The Eclipse community consists of companies and individuals across all areas of the software development industry. With 170 member organizations and more than 900 committers in Europe alone it is the largest open source organization in Europe.

The relevance of open source innovation

Open source is demonstrably the most viable way to deliver complex sustainable technology innovations and their implementation across industry sectors. It drives international innovation and collaboration and is of great strategic importance for European industry.

The contribution of different companies across different industries to the open source projects ensures that these new technologies are suitable for the European market.