Julian – environmental sow?

Sometimes you don't have any other choice - nevertheless we stand by our decisions and would like to continue to share with you what is going on in our heads. So here's a little insight.

Julian Feinauer

Julian ist unser Gründer & CEO. Schon immer war er fasziniert von (relationalen) Datenbanken und davon wie man große Datenmengen schnell und einfach zugänglich machen kann. Diese Begeisterung kann er heute als Big Data und KI-Spezialist ausleben.

We are members of some organizations “for Future”. And I have also signed the Scientists for Future commitment not to fly domestically on official business or for distances of less than 1000 km. That’s how people know me and that’s what I always like to tell them. Climate protection is the number one issue for our generation and we at pragmatic industries want to do everything we can to contribute to this overall societal challenge (See pictures of ourclimate strike last year).

BUT now I have a flight booked for today from Stuttgart to Berlin. This is domestic and well under 1000km. Besides, there are good alternatives here by train or even by car. So once again a classic case of “preaching water and drinking wine?” that our generation is often accused of? I would sayit depends.

The truth is never black or white, the truth always lies somewhere in the middle. And actually my plan was a very simple one: Since I have a very important appointment for me in Berlin on Wednesday evening, I’m leaving the day before, with my family to visit my in-laws, who are on the way to Berlin. And can then relax and take the train to Berlin on Wednesday morning. But now I got another appointment for Wednesday morning at relatively short notice, which is just as important to me as the one in Berlin in the evening. Every entrepreneur or startup founder knows this, sometimes you just have deadlines that are really important and you can’t push them either. Normally just one, two a month but I now just stupidly two on the same day.

Therefore, I decided to take the plane as an exception, so that I could stay in Stuttgart until noon and still be in Berlin on time in the evening. I’ve had similar situations before where it was possible to then move or reschedule the appointments. Unfortunately not this time.

BUT what was important to me is to compensate the CO2 that is caused by this. And what can I say, it’s a ridiculous amount compared to the ticket amount. For me, the world is not black or white at this point, it is gray and I still try to make the best of it in my given situation.

There are various organizations through which you can make a climate offset. We chose the sitemyclimate, where you can easily calculate and offset your emissions (be it a flight, car trip, cruise, household, etc.). You can read about the climate protection and educational projects that myclimate supports here. In addition to compensation, you can also donate an amount of your choice.

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Julian – environmental sow?
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