Open wins - our solutions are powered by Eclipse!

The Eclipse Foundation has set itself the goal of commercial use of the Internet of Things. Officially, we are now also a part of the Eclise Open Source Tools users.

TheEclipse IoT community of adopters is growing steadily. Besides companies like Bosch,Kiwigridand pragmatic minds, we, pragmatic industries GmbH, are now officially part of it and use the Eclipse Open Source Tools productively!

The Eclipse Foundation has set itself the goal of advancing the commercial use of the Internet of Things and the adoption of open source technologies. This fits perfectly with our mindset, so we use the Eclipse hawkBit as our preferred solution for updates over the air and management of our Digital Cockpits.

This project will create a domain-independent backend solution for software updates for almost any device connected to the Internet.

With the help of the tool, we are able to manage all our digital cockpitsin the best possible way, constantly roll out the latest (security) updates and monitor our devices remotely.

We are winners at Hack the Fair 2019

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