We are winners of the Oi2Lab open call!

We are proud to announce that we are one of the 36 companies selected to participate in the Oi2Lab open call.

A big thank you goes to the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation, which made us aware of the project and the "open call" and also supported us during the application phase!

Here's the deal: OI2Lab is looking for motivated SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs who want to improve their existing products, services and/or processes or bring a new idea to life. We didn't think twice and set about applying. And have convinced with our ideas, knowledge and product!

And this is how we did it!

A brief overview of what we do and the advantage it gives companies.

The platform is service-oriented and contains all core services needed to communicate with industrial equipment and machinery, enabling our customers, mostly family-owned mid-sized machine manufacturers, to build their own 'digital extension' and develop 'digital business models' around their machines.

The aspect of sustainability in particular plays an important role these days. We have not ignored that either:

When customers use our solution, the efficiency of their machines is significantly higher, which has a positive impact on the environment. We also have specific applications for monitoring and improving the energy consumption of machines. For one customer, we have achieved a 20% saving in the energy consumption of their machines, which has a great positive impact on the environment.

How do our customers benefit from the promotion?

As part of the grant, we will work with a specialized partner, so we can develop a next version of our platform-based digital cockpit based on OSGi,Apache Karafoor even an existing open platform solution. And at the same time concentrate on our core business, namely the development of suitable applications for machine builders. In addition, our customers would benefit from the improved modularity, which makes our solutions more flexible and adaptable.

Since our Digital Cockpit is based on OSGi, this would allow us to leverage a large and rich ecosystem (such as Apache Karaf and its subprojects), leading to both improvements for our app development process for customers and new features such as live updates (without reboots).

Our plan

Last but not least, we created a kind of work plan. So sieht also unser Plan für die Förderung aus.

  1. We want to hold a first workshop to discuss the impact of migrating our application to OSGi and Apache Karaf. In addition, we want to find out about a possible coordination platform.
  2. After that we will have internal discussions at pragmatic industries and create some prototypes.
  3. Then we will hold a training session with experts from the partners to come up with concrete examples and questions from 3.
  4. Finally, we would like to evaluate the partner's coordination platform to see if it meets our business needs.

We are very happy that we could convince and we are looking forward to this exciting project!

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