Mehedi – data and food lover

Mai 6, 2020 | in Aktuelles von pragmatic industries | von pragmatic industries

From Bangladesh to Germany – Mehedi is one of our Software Developers with a huge passion for big data, cooking and science fiction articles about how universe works. Working with him is always good fun and company. And for sure he would always help the non-programmers of us if there is a need of understanding some of it. Enjoy his interview!

As a Bangladeshi in Germany, do you miss anything from home?

Absolutely. First things first: my family. Apart from that definitely fresh water fish (laughs).

Why did you decide to move to Magdeburg?

Let me start from the beginning. In Bangladesh I studied B. Sc. Engineering in ICT and got the degree in 2011. In the following years I worked for some companies like Samsung R&D Bangladesh. But I realized that I need further education as i was noticing big data disruptions around the world.  That’s why I chose a Master of Science program and moved to Germany. That was at the end of 2015. I studied a bunch of data related courses which actually grew my interests working in this big data area. So I decided to follow my passion and started working for start-ups that deal with big data.

So you kind of always had a fascination for technologies?

I was always fascinated by how German big machines work and how one can see what‘s going on in the machine looking at the computer screen. This is Industry 4.0. Technologies are always evolving and I have been learning every day.

What I‘ve learnt is that one needs good quality and curated dataset to be able to analyze the data. Data visualization is a kind of data analysis. It is fascinating to me that I am working on the development of such a tool!

Comparing your first ideas of the job with reality – is it a fit?

I think the always evolving technologies are a big challenge for every programmer and developer. Knowing the new frameworks and having the ability to use the acquired knowledge is important. I always wanted to be up-to-date about new tools out there and I wanted to use and work on open source tools to solve problems. So that’s kind of what I expected my job to be. In the team I notice that we always try to use the newest open source tech stack. We solve problems of big data and industry 4.0. All in all, yes! My expectations were fully met.

One last one: Are you thinking about moving back to your home country or did you fall in love with Germany?

This is a difficult one. Honestly I don’t know yet. Germany is one of the safest places in the world especially during this time and offers a lot of possibilities. Lets see how things will work out and if things go well then I will be hanging around here a bit longer. I love to live here!

Thank you, Mehedi!